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The Craigslist MW4M personal ads space is shutting down. This was one of the best sites to find those looking for casual relationships. Now many are looking for other places for men and women looking for men. is the best option for Man Woman Seeking Man and here's a look at why.

Why is Craigslist Shutting Down Its MW4M Personals?

The MW4M personal ads space was the place for many people to post anonymous photos and posts. Others would have the chance to look through the posts when they wanted the no-strings-attached meet-ups. They were spaces that would help make others comfortable, knowing they could look for casual relationship without judgment of questions.

This was also a positive space for the LGBTQ community. There were men and women who would lead lives as straight people, but would feel happy to be themselves in the personal ads space. So why is something so good shutting down?

We can thank the government for that. Last week, the government passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act. One the forefront, this is supposed to be a positive bill to fight against sex trafficking of children and vulnerable people. Craigslist realizes that the MW4M personal ads is one of those spaces that could be used for trafficking, so rather than risk unintentionally being part of the problem, the service has been discontinued.

In the future, the MW4M personal ads may appear. Many do hope this will be the case, as there are many vulnerable groups of people with little place to turn. There is one option that has worked well for many.

MW4M Dating Is the Place to Turn

While Craigslist personal ads may return in the future, for now men and women are looking for other places to seek a third partner. MW4M is the place for that need.

The MW4M site is one of the largest online dating sites out there to find third partner. It caters to all needs and preferences. One of the only things it doesn't do is make you completely anonymous in the way that the Craigslist personal ads did, but then this lack of complete anonymity can offer further protections. There are still some elements of anonymity and you don't need to use your real name on your profile if you don't want.

MW4M is one of those for finding adult friends for casual hookups, rather than for serious dating. It's a fun way to meet new people and explore various sexual desires. You get to know what you like and what you don't.

While there are the dangers that many other online dating sites have, there are ways to keep yourself protected. You can still get to know people through the messaging system first and you should still initially meet in a public place. Of course, there are safety steps to take before accepting a web cam chat.

There are some who don't want to meet physically on this dating site. They want to hook up through a web cam to initiate the initial meeting that way. This can certainly help to them set up some sort of rapport with those you're talking to.

Couple Man Woman

With Craigslist personal ads shutting down, there are now more coming to the site looking for casual hookups. This is helping to improve the balance slightly between men and women. However, it remains a positive space for MW4M sites rather than for men looking for women. Many users are happy that the site is very similar to the way Craigslist personal ads used to work, which makes it easier for the transition.

The downside is that you will have to pay for it when you want to open a chat. However, you can trial out the site to see what the search function is like for free. To look at profiles and to do more detailed searches, you'll need to subscribe to the site and there are different packages to work for your needs.

One of the best things about the site is the search function. You can search by sexual orientation, which makes it an excellent option for the LGBTQ community. You'll find someone who has the same interests and will be the perfect hookup match for you. And you never know what that could turn into.

It is certainly disappointing that Craiglist personal ads has shut down. Whether temporary or permanent, there are other places to turn and MW4M is the place to turn. With 77 million people using it, there is someone out there for you on this MW4M site.

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