Safety Tips

One common theme you will see as you browse our website is how important safety is. Protecting yourself when using a MW4M dating site is just as important as protecting yourself when you are dating normally.

Let's explore some of the most important safety concerns when it comes to being part of a MW4M relationship.

Trade Photos

You may feel like trading pictures is counter intuitive when it comes to safety but exchanging photos is a very important step in protecting yourself. The exchange of photos acts as a way for you to get an idea for what a person looks like. It also gives you a way to gauge the truthfulness of your potential partner.

Having a photo on your profile isn't necessary but it helps to enhance your profile. Just make sure that your photo doesn't allow people to discover where you live.

Meet In A Public Place

No matter how eager you are to get on with the MW4M boning, it is important that you keep safety in mind. Meeting in a public place is one way to make sure that you aren't meeting with a creep (or two creeps). You get to meet all of the third partners is a safe and controlled space.

Coffee shops, high traffic parks, and beaches are just a few good examples of places that you can use for your first meeting.

Always Use Protection

With three people involved managing protection can take a bit of time but it is just as important during a MW4M sex as with regular dating. You want to use condoms and ensure that your partners are disease free. Condoms are the best way to go when you are engaging in a MW4M sex. Birth control will only protect you against getting pregnant, not against diseases.

Birth control can always fail, it isn't 100% affective.

Listen To The Voice In Your Head

One of the best tools you have for safety is that little voice in the back of your mind. If you feel unsafe or something just doesn't feel right you can always stop, no matter what stage of the MW4M relationship you are at. That little voice in the back of your mind is much more capable of picking out threats and oddities than the front of your mind is, make sure that you give it attention.

When something isn't right your mind will often know before you are fully aware of what exactly is happening.

Setting Up Communication Is Important

Before even starting to physically interact with each other you should open up a line of communication so that all parties have a chance to say what they are looking for. It is also a good time to establish safewords and limits. Even if you aren't planning to have kinky sex, everyone has different limits.

Communication also helps to ensure that everyone is enjoying their time together. Meeting everyone's needs is important or not everyone will end up enjoying the experience. A MW4M dating experience doesn't have to be a one time encounter if everyone enjoys themselves and everyone wants to meet again.

MW4M is very exciting and can open a whole new world of possibilities to everyone involved. Imagine double penetration, voyeurism, and variety are just a few of the benefits. No matter why you choose to have a MW4M relationship, make sure that protecting yourself and your partners is always in your mind.

If you are new to the MW4M dating world make sure that you check out some of our other articles to get the most out of your experience.

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